Best brushless impact driver 2023

Are you looking for a brushless impact driver that is powerful enough for your fastening needs? You are in the right place.

In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the best brushless impact drivers available on the market in 2023. We will also explain why these tools are important, highlight their best features, and provide an easy-to-follow buying guide.

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Best brushless impact driver 2023

  1. DEWALT DCF887B impact driver (Editor’s Pick)
  2. DEWALT DCF787C2 impact driver (Best Overall)
  3. DEWALT DCF887D2 impact driver (Budget Friendly)
  4. PowerSmart PS76430A impact driver
  5. DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver
  6. POPOMAN BHD750D Impact Driver
  7. Greenworks Impact Driver

1) DEWALT DCF887B impact driver

Best brushless impact driver

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DEWALT DCF887B compactness. The 8-inch-long, 3-inch-wide, 5.88-inch-tall impact driver is convenient to use in compact spaces. Its 2-pound weight minimises fatigue.

Powerful Battery, Speed Control

20-volt DEWALT DCF887B has 300 watts and 2800 RPM. Its variable speed and maximum chuck size of 6.35 mm simplify bit changes.

Durable Brushless Motor with XR Li-Ion Batteries

Brushless motors and XR Li-Ion batteries provide the DEWALT DCF887B longer runtime and durability. In dark workspaces, the impact driver has 3 LEDs with a 20-second delay after trigger release. Its composite construction makes it durable.

Comfortable Efficiency

DEWALT DCF887B Impact Drivers are efficient and convenient. Its 1/4-inch chuck speeds bit changes. The variable speed trigger allows exact speed control for the task.

User-friendly and flexible

Contractors and DIYers can use the DEWALT DCF887B. It’s small and light, perfect for above and compact spaces. Three LED lights illuminate low-light workspaces.


The DEWALT DCF887B Impact Driver is reliable. Its small size, high performance, and user-friendliness make it a superb impact driver. The DEWALT DCF887B Impact Driver works quickly and efficiently.

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DEWALT DCF887B impact driver First Hand Review Video

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  1. Powerful performance with a maximum power of 300 watts and a speed of up to 2800 RPM.
  2. Compact and lightweight design with product dimensions of 8″L x 3″W x 5.88″H and weighing just 2 pounds
  3. DEWALT built brushless motor and XR Li-Ion batteries for increased durability and longer runtime compared to traditional brushed motors.
  4. Variable speed feature for enhanced control and precision in various applications.
  5. 3 LEDs with a 20-second delay after trigger release for improved visibility in dark workspaces.



Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 20 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size 6.35 Millimeters
Color Multi

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2) DEWALT DCF787C2 impact driver

Best brushless impact driver

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A 1/4-inch hex chuck for numerous bit sizes is versatile. See why the DEWALT DCF787C2 is great for pros and DIYers.

Compact Control

DEWALT DCF787C2 Impact Driver’s 5.4-inch length, 2.4-inch width, and 7.6-inch height are outstanding. Its small size allows precise control in restricted spaces. This impact driver excels in delicate and heavy-duty activities.

High-Torque Fasteners

The tiny DEWALT DCF787C2 is powerful. It drives screws and nuts into diverse materials with 1500 inch-pounds of torque. This impact driver loosens stubborn fasteners.

Flexible Speed

The DEWALT DCF787C2’s variable speed provides you full control. Use 2800 RPM for fast drilling and fastening, but slower for sensitive work. The result? Flexible and accurate.

LEDs Improve Visibility

Working in dark or confined spaces is now easier. Three LEDs illuminate the DEWALT DCF787C2. To prevent data loss, LED lights stay on for 20 seconds after trigger release.


The powerful DEWALT DCF787C2 Impact Driver is elegant. Professional yellow and black colours. A trustworthy company made this device.

DEWALT DCF787C2 is the greatest impact driver. This tool’s compact design, high torque, variable speed, and LED lighting provide unmatched performance and precision. This impact driver will help contractors and DIYers. Improve your jobs today with the DEWALT DCF787C2 Impact Driver.

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DEWALT DCF787C2 impact driver First Hand Review Video

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  1. Powerful performance with a maximum torque of 1500 inch-pounds.
  2. Compact size for easy handling and maneuverability in tight spaces.
  3. Variable speed feature with a speed of 2800 RPM for versatility in different tasks.
  4. LED light with a 20-second delay for enhanced visibility in dark or tight spaces.
  5. Durable construction with high-quality materials and 2 lithium-ion batteries included for extended use.



Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 20 Volts
Maximum Chuck Size 0.25 Inches
Color Multi

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3) DEWALT DCF887D2 impact driver

Best brushless impact driver

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A 20-volt Max Lithium-Ion battery powers the DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver for difficult work. This 2-ampere battery lasts long enough to finish projects. Lithium-ion batteries are fast-charging and long-lasting, keeping you productive.

Compact, Unlimited Possibilities

The small and ergonomic DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver measures 16.22 inches long, 4.5 inches wide, and 10.1 inches tall. It can survive heavy use without sacrificing performance. This tool handles delicate precision operations and power-demanding applications with its three-speed choices and 2800 RPM maximum speed. Its variable speed makes it ideal for a variety of jobs.

Efficiency and Versatility: 6.35mm Maximum Chuck Size

The DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver makes bit changes easy with a 6.35mm maximum chuck size. You can easily fasten anything with 2000 inch-pounds of torque. Three built-in LEDs illuminate without shadows, making low-light work easy. The kit contains two lithium-ion batteries, so you can start working right away.

DIY Fun, Professional Performance

Yellow and black DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Drivers look professional. Professionals and DIYers love its reliability and efficiency. This impact driver is perfect for driving screws, securing bolts, and more.


The DEWALT DCF887D2 Impact Driver stands up to its reputation. It’s a power tool powerhouse with a 20-volt Max Lithium-Ion battery, compact design, and diverse features. This powerful, precise instrument is ideal for many applications. With the DCF887D2 Impact Driver, DEWALT’s tradition of excellence will boost your endeavours.

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DEWALT DCF887D2 impact driver First Hand Review Video

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  1. Powerful 20-volt battery delivers long-lasting performance for uninterrupted work (20 volts).
  2. Compact and durable design with dimensions of 16.22″L x 4.5″W x 10.1″H (16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches).
  3. Versatile with three-speed options and a maximum speed of 2800 RPM (3 speeds, 2800 RPM).
  4. Easy and quick bit changes with a 6.35 millimeter maximum chuck size (6.35 mm chuck size).
  5. Comes with two lithium-ion batteries included for added convenience (2 lithium-ion batteries included).



Power Source Battery Powered
Voltage 20 Volts
Amperage 2 Amps
Maximum Chuck Size 6.35 Millimeters

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4) PowerSmart PS76430A impact driver

Best brushless impact driver

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20V Max Lithium-Ion batteries power PowerSmart PS76430A Impact Drivers. This tool can handle any job with its 1500 RPM maximum spinning speed. Its 1.5-amp amperage lets you easily handle varied applications.

Compact and Portable

The PS76430A, measuring 10″L x 8″W x 6″H, is ideal for narrow places. Its lightweight design reduces fatigue, letting you work comfortably for long durations. The impact driver includes two compact batteries and a charger for great value.

Flexible and Accurate

The PowerSmart PS76430A’s 1/4-inch hex chuck can take several bit sizes, making it versatile for drilling and fastening. The variable speed trigger lets you tailor the tool’s speed for the work at hand. This function boosts productivity and prevents screw-stripping and overdriving.

Improved Safety

The PowerSmart PS76430A Impact Driver makes low-light and tight-space work easier. Its LED light illuminates your workspace for precise work. The adjustable trigger lock prevents inadvertent starts and provides piece of mind.

DIY and Contractors’ Ideal Tool

The PowerSmart PS76430A Impact Driver is a trustworthy equipment for professionals and DIYers alike. Its tremendous performance, small design, and precise control make it a toolbox essential.


The PowerSmart PS76430A Impact Driver performs well and lives up to the brand’s reputation. Variable speed control, LED lighting, and safety devices make it stand out. Adding this impact driver to your power tool arsenal helps improve drilling and fastening. Use the PowerSmart PS76430A to streamline your DIY or contracting projects.

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PowerSmart PS76430A impact driver First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Stuart Dunn


  1. Powerful performance with a maximum rotational speed of 1500 RPM and 20-volt battery power.
  2. Variable speed control and adjustable trigger lock for precise control and added safety.
  3. Compact size and built-in LED light for easy handling in tight spaces and low-light conditions.
  4. Backed by a 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.
  5. Lithium-Ion battery cell type ensures long-lasting power for uninterrupted use during your tasks.



Brand PowerSmart
Power Source Battery Powered
Maximum Rotational Speed 1500 RPM
Voltage 20 Volts
Amperage 1.5 Amps

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5) DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver

Best brushless impact driver

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DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver’s heart is 2000 RPM maximum rotational speed. Drill and fasten quickly and correctly with this capability. 20 volts and 4 amps power this impact driver for tough jobs. It handles everything.

Easy-to-Move Design

The 8″L x 3″W x 6″H DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver fits in tight spaces. This equipment is easy to use in confined places and complicated applications.

To End

DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Drivers are built of durable metal. It’s durable. The brushed surface protects the instrument from wear and strain.

Managed Ergonomics

Ergonomic handle and fixed square and hex head make the impact driver comfortable to hold. This smart design lets you work accurately and efficiently.

High Fastening Torque

The 1600-inch-pound DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver tightens screws and nuts. Its speed and accuracy produce professional outcomes.

Office Lighting

Be undeterred by dim light. DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver’s LED bulb illuminates work in dark areas.

Portable and Reliable

Lithium-ion batteries power the DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver. Its 7.67-pound weight makes it portable. Performance won’t suffer.


DCK’s KDPL03-14 Impact Driver shows its commitment to excellent tools. Its performance, durability, ergonomic design, and torque make this impact driver important for every toolkit. The DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver improves contractor and DIY work. This reliable tool can help you reach great results.

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DCK KDPL03-14 Impact Driver First Hand Review Video

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  1. Powerful performance with a maximum rotational speed of 2000 RPM and a maximum torque of 1600 inch-pounds.
  2. Durable metal construction and brushed finish ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  3. Compact design with product dimensions of 8″L x 3″W x 6″H for easy handling and maneuverability in tight spaces.
  4. Comes with 1 lithium-ion battery included, providing ample power for your tasks.
  5. LED bulb for illumination in dark areas, allowing for precise and efficient work.



Brand DCK
Power Source Battery Powered
Maximum Rotational Speed 2000 RPM
Voltage 20 Volts
Amperage 4 Amps

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6) POPOMAN BHD750D Impact Driver

Best brushless impact driver

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The Popoman BHD750D Impact Driver is small and light. This 3.1-pound impact driver is easy to operate and won’t strain your muscles. Its 11.81 x 10.51 x 5.39-inch packaging makes it easy to store and carry for on-site and off-site jobs.

20-Volt Power

The Popoman BHD750D Impact Driver’s 20-volt battery powers most drilling and fastening tasks. Users can finish their work without stopping to change the 2-amp battery. The 1/2 inch all-metal chuck size is durable and versatile, providing you many drill and driver bit combinations.

Improved Style

The Popoman BHD750D Impact Driver’s powerful LED light makes it easier to work precisely in dimly lit locations. Green and elegant, the impact driver adds elegance to any tool collection. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery powers the LED light.


The Popoman BHD750D Impact Driver is a top-performing power tool. Professionals and DIYers trust it because to its compact size, powerful 20-volt battery, and high torque. The Popoman BHD750D Impact Driver is a useful equipment for home and jobsite applications. Buy this versatile powerhouse and unleash its potential in your projects.

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POPOMAN BHD750D Impact Driver First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Digital David


  1. Powerful performance with a maximum rotational speed of 1500 RPM and torque of 398 inch-pounds.
  2. Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and maneuverability, weighing only 3.1 pounds.
  3. 20-volt battery with a 2-amp capacity for extended use without frequent battery changes.
  4. All-metal chuck size of 1/2 inch provides durability and versatility for a wide range of drill and driver bit options.
  5. Bright LED light for improved visibility in dimly lit work areas, powered by the included lithium-ion battery for long-lasting performance.



Power Source Battery Powered
Maximum Rotational Speed 1500 RPM
Voltage 20 Volts
Amperage 2 Amps

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7) Greenworks Impact Driver

Best brushless impact driver

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Greenworks Impact Drivers use 40V Max Lithium-Ion batteries. Powerful source ensures accuracy and efficiency. This impact driver’s battery and charger eliminate disturbances.

Minimalist, Unlimited

Small Greenworks Impact Drivers simplify tight-space installations. Its lightweight, user-friendly design reduces fatigue throughout extended workdays. Plan project success.

Easy Flexibility

Greenworks Impact Driver’s 1/4-inch hex chuck accepts several bit sizes. This flexibility enables you handle varied applications. It screws and nuts.

Your Order

Variable speed trigger for Greenworks Impact Driver. Fit your project’s speed. LED lights simplify difficult tasks.

Functional Beauty

The green-and-black Greenworks Impact Driver works great. Power tools appeal. Its unique design shines out on any job site.

Greenworks Impact Driver Analysis

Let’s investigate why the Greenworks Impact Driver is crucial for your toolkit.


The 24-volt lithium-ion battery drives this little powerhouse.
450 RPM and 2 Amps deliver reliable performance.
Its 310 inch-pound torque makes challenging jobs easy.
The brushless drill driver and 2.0Ah (USB Battery) size provide smooth and reliable task completion.

Easy transport

Greenworks Impact Driver is 6 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 8 inches height for mobility.
Comfortable 2.6-pound tool.


Greenworks Impact Drivers have two speeds.
It drives screws, secures bolts, and more.


Durable materials and craftsmanship create the Greenworks Impact Driver.


Greenworks Impact Driver revolutionises power tools. Professionals and DIYers need its powerful performance, small design, and various features. Get the Greenworks Impact Driver today!

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Greenworks Impact Driver First Hand Review Video

Video Source:  Live Free and Tool On


  1. Powerful performance with a maximum rotational speed of 450 RPM and an item torque of 310 inch-pounds.
  2. Portable and easy to handle with compact dimensions of 6″L x 2.5″W x 8″H and a weight of 2.6 pounds.
  3. Versatile with two speeds to choose from, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  4. Comes with a lithium-ion battery included, featuring a USB port for charging devices on the go.
  5. Convenient and efficient with a brushless drill driver style and 2.0Ah (USB Battery) size.



Brand Greenworks
Power Source Battery Powered
Maximum Rotational Speed 450 RPM
Voltage 24 Volts
Amperage 2 Amps

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Best brushless impact driver 2023-Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our guide to the best brushless impact driver for 2023. The brushless impact driver is an incredibly powerful tool, with a much greater torque rating than a regular power drill, allowing it to handle tough screwdriving tasks such as attaching heavy-duty fasteners and driving large screws.

With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for your needs. That’s why we have compiled a comprehensive buying guide to help you make the most informed decision possible. Read on to find out more about the differences between the various types of brushless impact drivers, how they work and how they compare in performance and price. We’ll also provide some tips for choosing and using this invaluable tool.

Explanation of what a brushless impact driver is

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A brushless impact driver is a power tool designed for driving screws and other fasteners into various materials. It combines the speed and power of a traditional hammer drill with the torque of an impact wrench. Unlike conventional drills, the brushless motor in an impact driver runs very efficiently, requiring less energy input to provide higher levels of output.

It’s extremely versatile, as it can be used to install wood screws in decks, drive lag screws into posts, or drive nuts and bolts onto material faster than you could with a regular drill. The brushless motor also increases its lifespan by providing more reliable performance.

Because of its robust construction and functionality, a brushless impact driver can save you time and money as it is extremely versatile and can handle virtually any task you throw at it with ease.

Importance of choosing the best brushless impact driver

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The impact driver is one of the most popular and versatile tools on the market. It is used for a variety of tasks including driving screws, drilling holes, loosening nuts and bolts, and more. There are many different types of impact drivers to choose from, such as brushless or brushed motors. While both types provide good results, brushless models offer superior performance at a higher cost. For this reason, it is important to make an informed decision when choosing the best brushless impact driver for your needs.

Brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors and generate less heat, making them more reliable in high-torque situations. In addition, they provide greater power to torque ratios and longer battery life than brushed engines due to their design efficiency. Moreover, since brushless motors are electronically commutated, they have the added benefit of much less noise pollution compared to brushed motors. Furthermore, because there are no brushes generating frictional heat inside the motor housing that has to be cooled down after use with a fan or pump system; these tools require minimal power consumption while maintaining continuous high output levels over long periods of time in comparison to other motor types. Ultimately, this means that you can depend on your chosen tool for much longer periods of time without having to worry about overuse or poor performance due to limited cooling capacity in certain environments -– making them perfect for professional and industrial uses alike!

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Brushless Impact Driver

When choosing the best brushless impact driver to buy, there are several factors you should consider that will help you identify which model is right for you.

Power: Brushless impact drivers come in various power levels, typically ranging from 400 in-lbs to 1600 in-lbs of torque. Factors such as the size and type of fasteners used, as well as the task at hand should be considered when deciding on the appropriate power level needed to complete a project.

Controls: All models feature single or variable speed switch settings, but some comes with additional features such as Constant Speed Control (CSC) or “Soft Start” for maximum control and strength. The soft start will slowly increase the speed of your tool until it reaches full speed to prevent any sudden jerking motions which can damage screws and other components. It’s also important to choose a brushless impact driver with a comfortable grip so that it fits naturally in your hand and allows for precise steering during operation.

Battery Type: The type of batteries used by a particular impact driver is an important factor when choosing one for your needs. Brushless impact drivers typically use either lithium-ion (Li-Ion) or nickel cadmium (NiCad) batteries, however some will accept both types if specified by the manufacturer. Li-Ion batteries can offer more power than NiCad in spite of having shorter life spans while NiCad may offer less efficient power performance over time yet generally have longer lives than those powered by Li-Ion cells.

Power and torque

When choosing a brushless impact driver, power and torque are the key characteristics to consider. The drill should be powerful enough for the job you intend to use it for and have enough torque to work with thicker materials. Power is measured in watts or amps, while torque is measured in inch-pounds or foot-pounds.

One of the benefits of using a brushless motor is a longer run time due to improved efficiency. This can have a great impact on how long your battery lasts between charges as well as how quickly it recharges when plugged into an outlet. The number of speed settings provided can also determine how precise you need your drill performance to be and allow you to adjust the speed for different materials or tasks. Additionally, consider whether you will want accessories such as bits, sockets and carrying cases with your purchase.

Speed and control

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a brushless impact driver is its speed and control capabilities. Brushless impact drivers typically deliver much faster speeds than their brushed counterparts. In addition, they provide greater accuracy, improved torque control and responsiveness. This enables precision work and light-duty applications.

When looking for a brushless impact driver, pay close attention to the speed ratings as well as other features that can affect the performance of your tool, such as adjustable levels of power or torque output, variable speed settings, or specialized modes designed for specific tasks. Make sure to compare the upper limit for each tool or feature with the needs of your project before making a final decision.

Ergonomics and grip

Ergonomics and user comfort is an important factor when choosing the best brushless impact driver. Look for a model with a comfortable handle and enough grip to ensure you can securely hold your tool, even in wet or slippery conditions. Some models boast ergonomically designed handles that give you excellent balance and fingertip control, but if you’re planning on using the tool for extended periods of time it may not be suitable. Instead, look for a model with adjustable speeds, variable torque settings and rubber overmolding to keep your hands comfortable while still providing excellent grip.

It’s also important to pay attention to the weight of your tool as this will affect how comfortable it is to use over long periods of time and how easy it will be to maneuver into tight spaces. In general, lightweight models tend to be easier on the arms and don’t require as much force or effort when operating them, so if weight is an issue consider opting for one of these models instead.

Battery2 life and compatibility

When shopping for the best brushless impact driver, battery life and compatibility are important considerations to make. Brushless motor technology provides superior performance by eliminating the need for brushes to add friction – which in turn exerts pressure and prevents optimal efficiency. As a result, the amount of power generated by the brushless motor can be far greater than that of brushed motors.

As such, it is important that you check how long your selected impact driver’s battery will last before making a purchase. The current trend is to incorporate advanced lithium-ion batteries into brushless impact drivers, ensuring longer run times and increased operational performance.

Also worth noting is that some manufacturers may use proprietary technology in their batteries, meaning they may not be compatible with other types of tools manufactured by different companies. When checking battery life and compatibility, take into account the voltage rating of your selected tool as well as its amp-hour (Ah) rating – generally speaking, a higher Ah rating will mean better battery life and more power output over time.

Durability and build quality

When shopping around for an impact driver, two important considerations should be the tool’s durability and build quality. The most reliable way to gauge the overall quality of an impact driver is to look at its individual components. Look for features such as all-metal construction, hardened steel gears, and robust motor-housing designs. These features will suggest that a tool is built from quality materials and engineered to last.

In addition, certain tool manufacturer warranties can also offer insight into the expected lifespan of a product. A longer warranty may suggest that the manufacturer has confidence in its product over time. However, it’s important to do your research ahead of time as not all warranties are created equal with regards to coverage and restrictions.

When looking at an impact driver’s durability and build quality, carefully consider these elements before investing in a new tool. Doing so will ensure you have chosen a device that is up to the task at hand and stands up against years of use efficiently and reliably.


At the end of the day, finding a brushless impact driver for your needs will depend on what type of projects you’re looking to tackle. Make sure you’re aware of the specs and features associated with each tool and evaluate each one based on its potential applications. You need to make sure you get the right tool for the job or run the risk of having a subpar experience.

In conclusion, brushless impact drivers provide users with a great alternative to corded tools, providing all sorts of different benefits and advantages that other tools cannot provide. Whether you’re working on construction sites or just doing small DIY projects around the house, investing in the right tool is essential in order to maximize efficiency and reach your desired result. Before purchasing, make sure you look at several features such as design, power source, battery capacity, speed settings, runtime and price range. Taking all these factors into consideration will help you find the best impact driver for your particular needs!


What are the best brushless impact?

Some of the best brushless impact drivers include the DeWalt DCF887B, Milwaukee M18 Fuel, Makita XDT131, and Bosch PS42-02.

Which is the fastest impact driver?

It is difficult to determine the fastest impact driver as it depends on the specific task and the user’s personal preferences.

What is the best value for money impact driver?

The best value for money impact driver may vary based on individual needs and budget, but some popular options include the Ryobi P238, Craftsman CMCF900C1, and the POPOMAN BHD750D.

What type of impact drill is best?

The best type of impact drill depends on the specific task and personal preferences. Brushless impact drivers tend to offer improved power and efficiency, while corded impact drivers offer unlimited runtime.

Why is Makita brushless better?

Makita brushless impact drivers are considered better due to their high power and efficiency, longer lifespan, and reduced maintenance needs compared to brushed models.

Is brushless worth the extra money?

Brushless impact drivers are worth the extra money for those who frequently use power tools, as they offer improved performance and a longer lifespan compared to brushed models.

Which impact is better DeWalt or Milwaukee?

DeWalt and Milwaukee are both well-respected brands in the power tool industry and offer high-quality impact drivers. The best option between the two will depend on the specific task and personal preferences.

Which impact has the best torque?

Some impact drivers with high torque include the DeWalt DCF887B, Milwaukee M18 Fuel, and the Ryobi P261.

Is more torque better for impact driver?

More torque is generally better for an impact driver, as it allows for easier driving of large screws and bolts.

Is Milwaukee brushless better than brushed?

Whether Milwaukee brushless impact drivers are better than brushed models depends on individual needs and preferences. Brushless models offer improved performance and a longer lifespan, while brushed models tend to be more affordable.

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